Fri Aug 31, 2018 at 12:00 AM. Recur every 1 year(s) on August 31
The Governor invites the clubs to submit suggestions for DGND by August 30.
October 15. The nominating committee shall not be limited in its selection to those names submitted by clubs in the district. The committee shall select the best-qualified Rotarian who is available to serve as governor. The committee shall notify all candidates of their nomination or its selection.
The DG notifies the clubs of the name and club of the selected nominee and announces November 1 as the deadline for receipt by the Governor of a resolution of challenge pursuant to RI Bylaws, Article 13.020.8
If clubs do not submit a resolution of challenge by the deadline, or if challenges are withdrawn, or if at least five concurrences have not been made, then the DG will declare the unchallenged nominee to be the official nominee and notify all clubs as soon as practicable.
If a club successfully challenges the nominee by November 1, then the governor DG notifies the clubs of the names and qualifications of each qualified candidate and announces that the candidates will be voted upon by mail.  The governor mails ballots to clubs.