OCTOBER 14 - 23, 2020



The Annual "Lobster Fest" event is a flagship fundraiser program in the now open to ALL CLUBS in D5400.  Easiest club fundraiser ever.  Clubs register and then put donated items up for bid. The net proceeds are split 50/50 between the club providing the item and the club buying the item.  

A Dream Fundraiser

  • No manual labor

  • Not much work

  • No club planning or creation of the event

  • Synergy with other clubs

  • Participate on your schedule

  • No financial risk. 

  • No out of pocket costs

  • One or a hundred members of your club can participate

Experienced Leadership

If you are interested in being part of the event...
  • Contact Karl Klokke, 208-412-9411  or karlklokke@gmail.com or contact John Wilson, 417-315-6138 or jswilson628@gmail.com

  • Either Karl  or John will be happy to host an online meeting with one or more representatives (or an entire club meeting) of your club; to present the event and answer questions. 

  • When ready; register online. 

  • When registered; a committee member will host an online meeting with your club’s committee (or entire club) to provide training on how to promote the event and get successful auction items. 

  • Provide a district wide promotional campaign to promote the event. 

  • Online support will be available anytime.. 

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