I am asking your club participate in the Rotary’s District 5400s Pledge to Plant 2,000 Trees Project!   We anticipate planting in the spring of 2018.
Our 2017-2018 Rotary International President Ian Riseley challenged all Rotarians to make a difference by planting a tree before Earth Day. “It is my hope that the result of that effort will be far greater than the environmental benefit that those 1.2 million new trees will bring,” Riseley said. “I believe the greater result will be a Rotary that recognizes our responsibility not only to the people on our planet, but to the planet itself.”  (See his speech on YouTube.  Search for “Rotary Tree Planting Initiative.”)
For our Past District Governors who have watched the West suffer through another demoralizing fire season, President Riseley’s challenge makes sense.   That’s why our past district governors have affixed their names and enthusiasm to this project.  
Here’s how our project will work:
  • As soon as possible after receiving this letter, tell your club!Enlist their enthusiasm through your enthusiasm.One Rotarian has already contributed $500 because he is so enthusiastic about this project!
  1. All clubs who wish to ask the District to order the seedlings are requested to contribute $5.00 per member to the Rotary District 500 Charitable Program, Inc.Mail checks to:
Rotary District 5400 Charitable Programs, Inc.  
P. O. Box 1292
Twin Falls, ID  83303-1292
Attn: District 5400 Trees. 
Note:  Rotarians wishing to receive a tax deduction may contribute to the Charitable Programs as an individual. They will want to make sure their Club Project Organizer is aware of the donation so that the club get credit for and covers costs of their trees.
  1. We will order seedlings for all clubs which have contributed to our Trees Charitable Program. Send the name and contact information of your Club Project Organizer to Rotarian Laurie Zuckerman at laurie.noletzuckerman@gmail.com (208-631-1890).  Give Laurie the organizer’s name, email, phone number, and shipping address plus the number and type of seedlings you are requesting.

  2. You will be contacted by your AG who will help coordinate the planting in pre-selected areas like state parks.  We have a list of park managers who are eager to work with us. We encourage your club to work with other Rotary clubs.  Also enlist the help of partner organizations such as boy and girl scouts, conservation groups like Pheasants Forever and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and church or youth groups.  See the list of potential partners, attached.
Note: As parks know exactly what varieties of trees and shrubs they need, it is important to pick your spot as soon as possible, preferably by October 10.
  1. The district will order seedlings from the University of Idaho.   Here is the U of I address if you wish to order yourself:  http://www.uidaho.edu/cnr/center-for-forest-nursery-and-seedling-research UofI.

  2. On the planting day, invite the media!  Take videos and pictures and send them to our district webmistress, Michelaswarthout@gmail.com.

  3. Just so you know:   your club may determine to work individually and order seedlings from U of I or a local vendor and select a site yourself.   That’s fine.  Whatever you do, participate in the Pledge to Plant 2,000 Trees Project.
Terry from the dairy (Jones)
District Governor