A project completed by the Nampa Rotary Club in March 2014.  (See the 3/14/14 District Bulletin for the story) Spare the Change You Want to See in the World (taken from the famous Gandhi quote)
1.    Identify Club Teams – we chose teams of 5 to six people
2.    Announce Change Drive and Announce Campaign Goal
3.    Establish Time Period – we chose four weeks
4.    Establish Rules for Team Winning
a.    We chose most dollars and most weight
5.    Assign a person to weigh change during beginning of each meeting as team members arrive and record weight on weekly team tally sheet (keep each person’s individual contribution in a bag to keep their dollars separate until you can determine the dollar value)
6.    One person takes in change weekly to determine dollars – we found a bank/credit union that had a free coin counter.  Record dollar value
7.    Tally team results both on weight and dollars
8.    Announce weekly results – Continue to announce overall campaign results…typically people will ensure you hit your club goal
9.    Tally final time period results to determine campaign winners. 
10. We awarded Paul Harris Points to both winning teams for weight and dollars
Jennifer Deroin, Nampa Rotary Club