Boise Centennial Rotary Club Test Drive Rotary Program

Boise Centennial Rotary recognizes young and talented community contributors are looking for avenues to engage within their communities and possibly with civic organizations. Members of Boise Centennial Rotary understand that engaging as a member of a civic organization is a commitment of time, talent and treasure. Boise Centennial Rotary wants to ensure that new members are a mutual fit for its culture, focus and mission to ensure a long term relationship. Boise Centennial Rotary has developed the “Test Drive Rotary” program for prospective members to better understand what it means to be a Rotarian and a member of Boise Centennial Rotary.
Test Drive Rotary Outline:
  • ●  Boise Centennial will pay for Test Drive Participant breakfasts during the 13 week Test Drive Period
  • ●  The Membership Committee will assign a mentor during the Test Drive Period
  • ●  Boise Centennial will have no more than 3 Test Drive Participants at one time
Test Drive Rotary Participant Requirements:
  • ●  Not a previous member of Rotary
  • ●  Complete and sign prospective membership application
  • ●  Attend 10 out of 13 weekly meetings during Test Drive Period (make-ups allowed)
  • ●  Test Drive Participants will be encouraged to engage in the following club functions:
    • o Service project
    • o Fellowship event
    • o Board meeting
    • o Serve as a co-greeter at a Club breakfast o Join a subcommittee
Post Test Drive Period:

Test Drive Participant will meet with the Club President, Membership Chairman and Mentor to discuss his or her experience and determine if he or she would like to become a member of the Boise Centennial Rotary Club.