Stephanie Meyers, our 2011-2012 District 5400 Ambassadorial Scholar, will soon be returning to Idaho after her year in Thailand. She extended her stay by doing a summer internship in Pakistan. She sends along this message:

Dear Rotary Friends, 

I have a few free moments in between Rotary events in which I would like to send along this picture.  I send it in order to tantalize your palate regarding my experience in Pakistan which has truly been life changing.  I feel more honored than ever to be a part of the Rotary network, for which I have all of you to thank.  I look forward to meeting with you all to share these experiences and to discuss what we can do to build upon them in order to raise humanity, if even just a little.  

I hope this finds you well and happy.

Warmest regards from the fertile fields of Jhang, Pakistan.