Art in Prison
Since fall of 2019 I have been teaching at the prison in Kuna. IDOC. I teach drawing to inmates, not the hard core, but the “lesser” kind. 
My contact there is Charles Chuck Durant and he tells me his is so pleased that I have been doing this.
As of Feb/Mar. 2020 we went to virtual lessons via Zoom and hope to return to in person lessons in a few months as the pandemic winds down.
I wanted to share with you a few of the works by the “students”. 
This is one of the ways I choose to be of service.
The inmates know that I am volunteering these lessons for my own reasons and accept that AND they show up and are attentive and  dedicated
as a result. This may not evolve into a profession, but rather a way to pass the time with purpose and satisfaction. In or out of detention.