Boise East 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club

The Rotary Club of Boise East celebrated their 10th anniversary in fine style by becoming the district’s 13th 100% Paul Harris Fellow club. 

Rotarians Bryan Connington, Dick Hasley, Jeff Hatch, John Jameson, Bob Stano, Kellie Coon, Marci Rodgers, Laura Paige, Shari Stroud, Paul Krumm, Beth Adams, Kerry Albright, Basanti Bail, Carilyn Bergamini, Chelsea Merriman, along with honorary Rotarians Jon Adamson and Hailey Stroud, and spouses Montserrat Connington, Linda Adamson and Regan Jameson all received a Paul Harris Fellow.  All members give annual financial support to The Rotary Foundation.

New members were assisted by other club members so every single club member received a Paul Harris Fellow on January 14, 2020. Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Boise East.

Todd Fischer
District Rotary Foundation Chair