Rotarians, you have an amazing opportunity to attend an exclusive D5400 ClubRunner training. We will have Omar, a training specialist from ClubRunner HQ, provide custom training for our district. Here’s what to expect.
A hint of The Basics to create a level playing field for those on the call:
  • Logging into the Club Website
  • Using the Administration page & top menu bars to navigate to other modules
  Enough of Event Management tools to make you juuuust a little bit dangerous: 😉
  •   Create events and volunteer signup lists
  A deep dive into Advanced Website Design, to create a beautiful, highly functional, and modern club website:
  • Using the Website module to update the home page, create custom pages, and update the navigation menu
  • Adding content to the Home Page, including applying a theme, layout & commonly used widgets for the website
  • Creating Dynamic Carousels & Website Stories for the website pages
  • Creating Custom Pages
  • Embedding Videos into Custom Widgets for the home page or custom pages & into Website Stories
  • Linking Custom Pages & other items into the Navigation Menu
  • Live Website Examples
We’ll wrap up the training event with a Live Q&A session.

If your club has a ClubRunner website—or wants one—this training is designed for you! 
Club Presidents, Public Image Chairs, Assistant Governors, feel free to forward the appointment to other interested Rotarians.
There is no cost to attend and we’re fortunate to have this opportunity to elevate our ClubRunner skills. Getting our websites into shape is a great first step before our People of Action advertising campaign increases our web traffic.