Posted by Todd Fischer
Have you noticed the dual nature of Rotary? You're thinking about a community project and find out if you raise a bit of funds, the district is there to support with additional money. You can team up with a club in another country and get an international project accomplished. Service Above Self doesn’t mean by yourself – there is so much support when Rotary and Rotarians are involved.
Another dual is the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program. I am not referring to the district-to-district direct exchange that is at the heart of RYE; although that is a dual. When you get involved with RYE, either as a host family or as a Rotarian volunteer, you will be part of the dual in creating world citizens. You will help a teen broaden their horizons and the teen will broaden your horizons as well – with both of you becoming world citizens. Over the holiday season, Karry and I visited three paste RYE students, Toni in Germany, Joyce in Belgium, and Anna in Denmark. While staying with Anna’s family, Anna showed me her snapchat map and said, “I have friends all over the world”. That got me thinking about all the RYE students and all the Rotarians I have met. I too have friends all over the world. Get involved in RYE, host a student or be a club counselor – it will broaden your horizons and move you along your journey of becoming a world citizen.