Do you ever wonder why you’re asked to sell cruise raffle tickets for the district?  The members of the district are the 43 clubs it represents, and the cruise raffle is something that benefits us all.  Proceeds are distributed thus:
  • 50% - The fund from which we match the first $100 of a person’s Paul Harris Fellow.
  • 25% - Rotary Youth Exchange Program
  • 25% - Rebated to clubs based on their ticket sales.
This year the District has already matched a bunch of Rotarians starting new Paul Harris Fellows with a $100 contribution to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Creating a more peaceful world “one student exchange at a time” costs money, and our D5400 RYE program is a success in part because of your ticket sales.  All you have to do to get your rebate is have someone from your club attend the district conference.  Let’s see if we can’t make $55,000 in gross sales….that’s only about 3 tickets per Rotarian on average.  At the very least, we hope to see every Rotarian support this effort by buying at least one ticket.  Many of you will buy your entire book.  Thank you!
There are ten awesome prizes, including the $4500 travel package and the most popular selling electronic gizmos according to Best Buy! Don’t forget that the seller of the winning ticket also wins the top prize!  That prize doesn’t have to be a cruise either.  It can be any vacation trip you want to arrange through AAA valued at $4500.