Posted by Deb Wilson on Jul 31, 2019
District 5400 Scholarship Committee News
Rotary Peace Fellowship - Each year, Rotary funds some of the world’s most dedicated and brightest leaders to study at Rotary Peace Centers.  Through training, study, and practice, Rotary Peace Fellows become catalysts for peace and development.  Many go on to careers with governments, NGO’s, the military, law enforcement, and international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank.
The Rotary District 5400 Scholarship Committee is proud to announce that our district has endorsed a candidate for 2020.  Brooke Taylor has been chosen and will now move on to the next phase of the competition.  Brooke is from Pocatello and has had international experience as an English teacher in Japan, on a world-wide Peace Boat Cruise and in many other international setting.  She has also worked with the Bannock Youth Foundation and has the strong skillset necessary to promote peace and understanding across the world.  Recipients will be announced in November of 2019 and their Rotary Peace Fellowship education will begin in fall of 2020.
Deb Wilson, Rotary District 5400 Scholarship Chair