Our Annual Sun Valley District Conference will be held the weekend of May 17-18. Organizing this year's event is Boise Metro, under the command of Cornelia Sprung. The Planning Committee held its first official meeting on Thursday, January 3rd, at Smoky Mountain Pizza. Items on the agenda included ideas for a Keynote Speaker, marketing and publicity for the event and registration issues. The theme is "Peace" and the 60's. Lots more information will follow, so stay tuned! (Pictures, L to R, Cornelia Sprung, Charles Weymouth, Mary Reiman, Nate Pierce, John Biggs, Bret Vaterlaus, Kristi Vaterlaus.Conspicuously missing is Janice Fulkerson) The group also enjoyed a surprise visit from Nampa President Police Chief Craig Kingsbury who was there on official business.Image