Posted by Marianne Barker

Reports on all open Rotary Foundation District Grants are due on May 15, 2019.  If your project is completed please fill out the final report form (located on the administration side of the description tab of your grant at and upload it as a pdf along with your receipts to the documents area of the grant. 

If your project isn’t started yet or isn’t finished, write a brief history log stating when you started – or will start – the project, the approximate percent complete it is, and when you anticipate being done.  

You don’t have to be done with your project to apply for a grant for 2019-20, but you may find your club in the “penalty box” if you’re not current in your reporting for prior years.  Please do not be late to file your report.

If you have any questions, contact District Grants Chair Ines Crespo, or District Rotary Foundation Chair Marianne Barker We’re here to help you!