1. Norha Restrepo, United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate.

Ms. Restrepo will bring an interesting perspective the conference them of ‗Peace through Service‘ with experience in media outreach, public relations and partnership development at this special political mission of the United Nations.

2. Lisa Brady, PhD, professor from Boise State University who will bring together an amaz-ing story that involves peace, the environment, and politics –a story that you will not want to miss. The title of her presentation is ‗Korea's DMZ: Negotiating Hope in Dangerous Times.‘

3. Bill Krumm, Tom Hadzor and Jennifer Isenhart, Wide Eye Productions, will host a showing of Idaho, the Movie, a one-hour television documentary featuring the well known and the hidden treasures of Idaho. They will also talk about the production of the movie.
Bill Krumm, Photographer/Editor, Bill serves as Director, Photographer and Editor for high-end, HD projects at Wide Eye Productions. His specialty includes long-form production and his enthusiasm is contagious. Some kids sleep with Christmas toys, Bill once slept with a new camera. No kidding.
Jennifer Isenhart, Writer/Producer, has ushered dozens of projects from concept, through production, to completion—from Emmy award winning documentaries, to educational chil-dren's programs, to brand marketing pieces, to commercial productions. She knows how to weave images, sound and message into memorable stories.
Tom Hadzor, Director/Photographer, Wide-Eye‘s lead photographer has an eye for great images and the skill to bring them to your production. His outstanding work as a director and cameraman and is recognized by his peers in a regional Emmy, a National Press Photogra-pher's award for Outstanding Documentary photography, CINE Golden Eagle, Telly and Ac-colade awards.