December is Family Month.  As we spend the holidays with our families, let’s not forget the Family of Rotary.  Is there someone in your club who needs some extra TLC this month?  What about the family of a deceased Rotarian?  What about a Rotarian who has lost someone dear this year?  Let’s take a minute or two to reach out to those in our Rotary family who may need us.
I have visited all but four of the 43 clubs in District 5400, and I have enjoyed all of you!  I’m particularly pleased to note that as a district we have increased our membership by 34, up from 1813 Rotarians on July 1.  Continue to share your Rotary story, Rotarians, spreading our goodwill and understanding through service throughout your communities. 
We’re nearly halfway through our Rotary year.  Now is end-of-year charitable contribution time for 2013 tax deductions.  I’m proud to report that 37 of our clubs are on the board for Annual Fund giving and 12 of those are at 50% or better of achieving their goals for the year!   I’d love to see another 10 clubs hit the 50% mark by Dec. 31st, and this can be done as easily as mailing in the contributions you’ve been collecting from your club members since July.  I enjoy updating my spreadsheet and seeing a club jump from page 2 to page 1 with a single check made up of the contributions of many donors, as I saw this month with Hailey, Ketchum-Sun Valley, Pocatello and Pocatello-Portneuf. 
Rotarians in our district continue to support the polio eradication effort as well.  Remember that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is matching 2:1 the first $35 million of Rotary money to PolioPlus this year.  District 5400 is about 2/3 of the way toward meeting its goal with close to $30,000 contributed by our Rotarians thus far.
Happy holidays, Rotarians! Enjoy this time with your loved ones, taking the opportunity to count your blessings and share your love of Rotary everyday.