November is Foundation Month.  Recently we had 3 Foundation Seminars in our District.  Many thanks to those who participated! The purpose was to inform Rotarians about the Foundation as we enter into Future Vision which began 1 July, 2013.  With the help of Kevin Bradshaw, we hope to get the presentations on our website.  Our Foundation went from 7 committees to 13 in this past year.  We have a very strong team that was created to help the clubs.  Just ask yourself "what can the District Foundation do for me"?  Please go to our and click on the Foundation link.  The District 5400 Foundation Leadership Team is a download on the left.  The contact information is found by scrolling on page 2.

All Rotarians need to know there is a supply side to the Foundation where we give, i.e. Annual Program Fund, PolioPlus and Endowment.  There is a spend side where we feature District Grants, Global Grants, Scholarships, PolioPlus and Vocational Training Teams.  The best way to be informed about the Rotary Foundation is to watch videos from the Rotary International website.  Just go to:rotaryinternationalvideos.  My favorites are (We are"This Close"), 49343906 (Good-Bye Polio). There are lots of Rotary videos on YouTube - you'll find the link to them on the District homepage. These videos can be shown at club meetings.  They will motivate members to realize they are part of a larger body that involves 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide.  Would you be willing to show a video once a month to promote Rotary and the Foundation?

There is great enthusiasm this year in our District.  Our District 5400 had only been asked for $18,000 from the clubs for District Grants in any year in the past.  This year 2013-2104, our clubs asked for over $102,000 in District Grants.  The amount awarded to the clubs was $46,589.  This increased amount was the highest ever and will bless many communities.  Again go to the website and go to Forms.  The District Block Grants Approved 2013-2014 list will show the 22 grants approved.  


The biggest challenge we had with FutureVision was to have a digital website for our District and Global Grant process.  We now have it.  Please go to and you will be very impressed!  There is a step by step process for you to get involved.  You can follow any District or Global Grant.  We currently have 31 clubs that are qualified to apply for a Global Grant. Anyone interested can contact Pam McKinley, Russell Johnson or Gene Hoge.