Greetings District 5400 Rotarians!


October is Vocational Service Month.  This second avenue of Rotary service calls on us to work with integrity and to apply our expertise to the problems and needs of society.  What are you and your club doing to fulfill this purpose?  A large part of our strength in Rotary is the diversity of occupations amongst our members and hence our ability to pool our talents to take on the challenges of life.  Is your club diversified enough?  Do you have the tools you need to make a difference in the world?  Take a moment this month to review your club and think of whom in your community you might ask to join with you in making a difference in the world.


 We are now more than a quarter of the way through this Rotary year.  Would it be a good time to review your goals and see how you’re doing with those? 

American Falls under the leadership of President Mike Stokes leads the way in giving to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation:  this club has achieved 101% of its goal with annual giving at nearly $103/capita.  At this point in the year it is a mere one member shy of earning both 100% EREY and 100% Sustaining Member awards from The Rotary Foundation for the year.  Only one club in our district earned both those awards in 2012-13: Rigby.

Who will join Boise Centennial this year in becoming a 100% Paul Harris Fellow club?  Boise Centennial earned this recognition from The Rotary Foundation in July, joining a select group of clubs in District 5400 also to be so known: Caldwell, Eagle-Garden City and Blue Lakes-Twin Falls

Did you know that Idaho Falls overtook Boise as the largest club in the district over a year ago?  And it’s increasing its lead with 11 new members since July 1, 2013.  Twin Falls-After Hoursleads the district so far this year in percentage membership growth at 17%.  TFAH has added 2 new members since July, growing its roster to 14.  Nampa and Rigby have seen 11% growth since July!

Keep up the good work, Rotarians!  Be resolved in your will to change the world.

Marianne ..........................