Getting International Speakers to Your 7 am Meetings
Getting International Speakers to Your 7 am Meetings….
One of the best parts of being a Rotarian is relationships with the global community. From being part of an international project to meeting new friends at an international convention, the world has become smaller. We are able to enjoy our shared goals and work together to promote world peace through service. Our club is small, only 27 members and we can still make our mark on the world! We love to hear how that is happening but not every international speaker can make it to our 7 am meetings! In fact, local speakers give us the side-eye when we mention the start time…even with the promise of a free breakfast!
Through Zoom technology, we were able to enjoy an interactive report and continue to build a relationship with one of our international partners, Curt Bowen with Semilla Nueva, while he was still in Guatemala! Zoom presentations open up a whole new level of presenter opportunities. Here's a link: Getting International Speakers to Your 7 am Meetings

Imagine if we had to use our precious club resources to bring Curt to Boise. It would cost the club $1,200 to $1,300 to flight Curt here, not counting car rental, food, and lodging. The carbon footprint of a trip from Guatemala City via LAX to Boise is 1.28 metric tonnes of CO2. It would take 108.5 trees at least one year to absorb all that pollution.  Telepresence is the 63rd most important way to drawdown all the pollution/greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere, and Boise Centennial Rotary is well on the way to not only making drawdown happen but teaching other clubs and groups how to do the same.
Using technology and encouraging our speakers to have their first cup of coffee of the day with us in addition to our club’s commitment to planting trees, is helping our small club continue to have a mighty impact on the world.