Every three years, one Rotarian from every district worldwide meets at the Rotary Council on Legislation to review and vote on legislation.  The next Council meeting is scheduled for April 2016.
PDG Richard Sagness served as our representative in 2010 and PDG Rusty Broughton served  in 2013.  I am serving in 2016.  The most recent Council dealt with 200 enactments and resolutions.  Of this number, 52 items were withdrawn, 81 items failed, 8 items were referred to the Board and 59 items passed.
Here are five changes made by the Council of general interest. 
•      Failed attendance “shall” changed to “may” be subject to termination
•      The minimum age removed from Rule of 85’s (formerly age 65)
•      Excused Absence is not counted against attendance
•      “Homemakers” are now allowed to be members.
•      Dues will increase $1 per year – 2014-2015
All the changes are embodied in Rotary International’s Manual of Procedure which is available on-line. 
Here are two items currently being discussed. 
•      Malaria Eradication to replace Polio Eradication as major organizational goal, once latter achieved
•      District Governor candidate must have attended at least 2 district conferences.
Legislation must be received at RI headquarters by 31 December 2014. There are no exceptions to this deadline. Club legislation must be endorsed by the clubs in the district of origination. 
Do you or your club have proposals for the Council on Legislation?  Are there changes you would like to see proposed? 
If yes, please contact me at 208-695-9262 or glennsson@q.com no later than October 3. 
PDG Terry Gilbert (2010-11) with special thanks to PDG Marianne Barker for sharing COL information from a power point presentation from  D5030
Terry Gilbert
Rotary Past District Governor 2010-11