Posted by Rich Kirkham on Dec 01, 2019
As the Holiday Season rolls upon us we often ask ourselves, “What perfect gift we can I give someone this year?”  As Rotarians, our answer should be quick and simple: Give the gift of service to others!  To the many clubs who prepare Christmas baskets for the needy or deliver toys to children or gather coats and sleeping bags for the homeless or ring bells or visit the elderly or send cards to servicemen or put on community concerts and pageants, I thank you on behalf of Rotary for your generosity and goodness.  
I challenge everyone this season to find ways to also perform simple acts of personal kindness, to unburden those with trials, to lift those with depression, to give more to charities.  Simple acts might include inviting someone to lunch or dinner, to compliment someone on social media, to call children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, to write anonymous thank you cards, to share homemade goodies with neighbors and friends, to donate blood, to smile more and say “YES” more.  
And we can also give a gift of service to ourselves by taking a vow of positivity, indulging ourselves with uplifting music and literature, forgiving ourselves and others and being grateful for health, shelter, comforts, friends and family.  Service is the perfect gift!  It always fits and comes in the perfect color. Every Rotarian can give service away abundantly.  

And for everyone else on your list, you can never go wrong with PIE!