On July 1st I will step down as your 2019-20 District Governor.  What a great experience this has been and what a joy it has been for me to be part of such a wonderful year of service and fellowship.  Serving as Governor truly has been an honor and a privilege.  I will remember these days for the rest of my life. As I think back this year on all the service that I have seen given by everyone in this District I am humbled beyond words to try and describe or appropriately recognize all your efforts.  

I know it is nice to be singled out and thanked for a job well done, but there isn’t time to mention every dedicated club president, every hard working committee, or describe every wonderful service project or every heavy heart that has been lifted by the good deeds that has been done because you Rotarians say YES to service.  Neither should it be our desire to serve simply to gain praise or favor. 
We serve because there are others in need and we are in a position to help. Someone one recently said, "If I give $20 to a man on the street and he uses that money to drink or buy drugs, that is not my concern.  I give because it is my choice and giving makes me a better person."   Rotary lets us all have the opportunity to give and serve.  That process of giving and serving in Rotary is what makes us each a better person. 
See you at our NEXT service project!
Governor Rich Kirkham