Posted on Aug 28, 2017
Since 1991, the Great Snake River Idaho Falls Duck Race has been raising money to help grow the River Walk, where the beautiful Snake River makes it's way through the heart of Idaho Falls. Typical of Rotary projects, the money raised has been leveraged through grants both public and private. In the first 12 years, the race raised over $750,000 and was leveraged to over $2,000,000 in Greenbelt development. There are now nearly 7 miles of paved trail, a replica of the Taylor Toll Bridge, beautiful park amenities, and the three time award-winning River Gardens just north of the Pancheri Bridge.
Over the years, the Duck Race has become one of the largest festivals (2nd only to July 4) in Idaho Falls! Proceeds for the next three years will go toward Rotary's Centennial project and the city's newest park - Heritage Park.
To see this year's winners and videos, click here.
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