Posted by Jennifer Deroin

Yes, we’re a service organization but, underneath that, we’re a membership organization.  An organization designed by our members, for our members. This past year, we asked ourselves “why do we have a District Conference?”  

We answered that with three simple concepts;

  • To share inspiration. Stories about who we are, and why we do what we do, so we’re inspired to go back to our communities and do more.
  • To share innovative ideas. We always get the best ideas from our peers.
  • To meet intriguing people. Rotarians are many things, including intriguing.

With that notion, we gathered a group of Rotarians together and asked questions.

  • Why do you come to the District Conference?
  • Why do you not come?
  • What were the best parts?
  • What could be improved?

We came away from that conversation with a non-negotiable checklist.

  • It needs to be family friendly.
  • It needs to be affordable.
  • We want to have training.
  • We want to do service.
  • We want to have fun.
  • Don’t mess with the Friendship House.
  • We need to be inspired.

Noted Rotarians.

With this list, we went shopping for a new location that would allow us to check all of these boxes.  The result?  



The 2019 District Celebration, May 17th – 19th, at the Boise Centre

  • Activities for families, and affordable meals for kids.
  • We kept our prices in check (and slightly lower), and gave you several lodging options so you can choose your experience.
  • We have several training options for you to choose from, from the Peace Institute, to Rotary University, to Innovation Stations.
  • There are four service projects you can participate in.  Also consider purchasing a pair of “The Shoe That Grows” at check-out for a kid in need.
  • Fun?  Get ready to have your mind blown.
  • Friendship House?  Intact (we’re not reckless).
  • Club Awards Galore!  Come and cheer on your club.
  • Inspiration around every corner to Kindle the Spark Within.

Check out the District Celebration website, and register today.  I hope to see you in May in Boise, for Inspiration, Innovation, and to meet Intriguing people!  Rotarians – won’t you join me in celebrating all that we do?

Text Celebrate to 55222 to get District Celebration Updates.