Posted on Aug 28, 2017
The students your club sponsored are looking forward to sharing their RYLA experiences with you. Invite your RYLArians to come to a club meeting before the middle of September – it will be the highlight of your meeting.
RYLA 2017 was a great success with 80 students and 16 leaders all developing their leadership skills, facing their fears and valuing what makes us all unique. We heard stories that made us cry, courage that had us cheering, and compassion where we shared our RYLove. Thank you generous Rotarians for making this live changing leadership camp possible. Here are some quotes from the students:
“My experience at RYLA 2017 was absolutely amazing! It was definitely the opportunity of a lifetime.”
“I learned how to leave all the things that don't let me be happy behind.”
“In these short few days I honestly believe my life is permentatly changed. I can not thank you enough for this experience.”