Posted by Jennifer Deroin
Rotary GoalsReady to kick-off your Presidential term?  For many months now, you've been thinking about what you'll try to accomplish, and how you'll impact your club.  The time is drawing close and it will fly by once it begins.  To give you and your club the best chance of successful outcomes, approach the year with a thought out plan.  We know that Membership Matters for the sustainability of Rotary.  We have some work to do, but any endeavor worth doing, is worth doing well, and certainly the care and handling of the precious commodity of Rotary is worth that effort.  Be a gift to your club, so Rotary can Be a Gift to the World.
Over the next few months, we'll be talking about Engagement; making Rotary meaningful to your members, the real key to membership growth success.  Stay tuned for tactics on how to accomplish this.  See this month's video below for a reminder of our PETS discussion overview, and some thoughts on membership club goals.
For tools to help you assess your club and write a Club and Membership Action Plan, see the Page Download Files on the left side of the Membership page. Need help?  Contact a District Membership Committee Member for guidance and support.