2022-23 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE?  Sort of…….
The membership committee is proposing we have a MEMBERSHIP CHALLENGE this year. Every club (including Rotaract and Interact) in the District has the opportunity to challenge another club to increase their membership.  The club that gains the most members during that challenge will receive a prize from the other club that could be as simple as members hosting a BBQ or picnic in the park for the most successful club.  This can be a fun and simple, but effective way, to not only gain new members but to provide a way for members to get to learn about each other, share ideas and best practices.  The sky is the limit!
Challenges may cover a 3 or 4-month period. Your club may want to do one in the fall or one in the spring or both.  Report your challenge to your Assistant Governor so we can be sure they are recorded. Which club will be the first to issue a challenge?  Be sure to take photos and post them so everyone can cheer you on! 
I can’t wait to hear about all the FUN that we will have!!! 
Just a quick reminder to have your membership chairman’s name listed on ClubRunner as well as your membership goal set. There will be much more coming on goal setting coming in early September.  I hope to visit many of your clubs this fall to share the plan we are putting together.  Stay tuned!
Kathy Buck, District 5400 Membership Chair