Membership Team Program
Hello, it's me again...and I'm back with more fun and adventures for all of my fellow D5400 Rotarians! Your D5400 Membership Team has put together a brand new program to help us all get a little more "Rotary Love" into our lives. In addition to the monthly virtual social hours (more info on the district calendar and district FaceBook page), we are now promoting what we are calling The Building Goodwill and Better Friendships Tour. And seriously, who couldn't use more of that in their life, right?
The goal is to build and strengthen our Rotary connections across our entire district. The concept is simple. Build goodwill and better friendships by exploring our vast Rotary community. It's that easy! This opportunity is open to any D5400 Rotarian who wishes to play with us. 
This pandemic has knocked us all for a loop, and keeping Rotarians engaged has been more difficult than ever. Did you know that we have a few clubs in our district that haven't been meeting since the pandemic hit? We also have members who may not be comfortable with the current methods (virtual/in-person) being used to conduct their club meetings (not to mention that the rules for lock-down are constantly changing how we can meet!). Some of our members aren't getting their weekly doses of "Rotary Love" and that just isn't fair to all concerned. We not only want to see the clubs survive and thrive, we want to see every Rotarian survive and thrive, too. With this program, we aim to help get everyone get their needs met. 
It's been said that every Rotarian is a friend you just haven't met yet. Most of us already have friends that belong to other clubs. Now all you have to do is go visit their club! With many clubs having some virtual component, it's now easier than ever to do. If this idea seems too daunting, you could always pair up with a travel buddy from your own club and have a shared experience. Who knows, maybe along the way you'll find a "sister club" you never knew you needed! It doesn't matter if you prefer to meet in-person or virtually. There are clubs all across the district to fit your needs. We will supply you with a list of clubs that are meeting within D5400, with all of the pertinent info you'll need to be able to attend as your schedule permits.  
We also plan to award prizes, knowing that a little friendly competition amongst clubs/Rotarians never hurt. The current categories (subject to additions) are as follows: 
1) the club that ATTRACTS THE MOST INCOMING VISITORS (every visitor counts, every single time)
2) the club that has the most OUTGOING VISITS (every single visit counts, every single time)
3) any clubs that COLLABORATE WITH ANOTHER CLUB to do shared meetings
4) anyone who does SERVICE WITH ANOTHER CLUB
5) anyone who attends a meeting OUTSIDE OF D5400 BORDERS (training sessions don't count)
We would like to launch this program by mid-February and it will run until mid-April. If you're interested in joining The Building Goodwill and Better Friendships Tour, just send me an email with your mailing address and I'll ship out to you your very own passport (to keep a record of where you go, who you meet, and any other little tidbits worth noting), a meeting info sheet (days/times/location/links), and some basic guidelines/best practices for visiting other clubs. The sooner you start, the more time you have to accumulate points! Winners will be celebrated at district conference. 
I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to building goodwill and better friendships with you! 
Lisa Vetter
D5400 Membership Coordinator