My Fellow Rotarians,
Texas and Louisiana are just beginning what we know will be a long road to recovery after Hurricane Harvey. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma is in the Caribbean and headed for Florida and the Atlantic coast of the United States. When disaster strikes, Rotarians reach out and ask how they can help. Rotary International staff contact district governors in affected areas to determine how best to direct any offers of aid. To that end, they have been in touch with governors in Texas, Louisiana and the Caribbean about hurricane relief.
They have also reached out to leaders in district 9101 regarding the mud slides in Sierra Leone, in South Asia and in Nigeria to determine how best to direct support for their populations after devastating floods in both regions, and in Mexico after this morning’s earthquake.
Leaders in North America have responded by making two Donor Advised Funds under The Rotary Foundation available to accept contributions for hurricane relief: The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief DAF was established to assist communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane Emergency Relief DAF is accepting contributions for Hurricane Irma disaster recovery.
If you would like to help please go to the following link: You can contribute online with a credit card or follow the instructions for contributions by check or wire transfer. You will need to provide the specific name of the Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund and the account number.
Enter:   The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief DAF, Account Number 608
OR:        Hurricane Emergency Relief DAF, Account Number 296
Please share this information with your fellow Rotarians and Rotary Clubs. If you have any questions, contact
Ian Riseley
President, Rotary International 2017-18