Posted by Kenneth Howell on Aug 27, 2019
Good News!  Nigeria has had no cases of wild polio for 3 years!
Tomorrow will follow another update on polio cases throughout the world.  Today, however, I wanted to share some very very good news with you.  It has been three years since Nigeria has had a case of wild poliovirus.  What an incredible accomplishment!  With this milestone, the process of certification will begin, and by next year we hope to announce that Nigeria is certified as polio free.  Just five years ago this seemed impossible, and yet now we are on the cusp of victory over polio in Nigeria.
We still have a tough fight in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but the challenges presented by those countries are no different than the challenges we had in Nigeria.  Remember this day, and look forward to having a similar day for Pakistan and Afghanistan.
We are so close to fulfilling our promise begun in 1985, and we are here because of your efforts and those of Rotarians worldwide who have had the fortitude to stick with this difficult task.  This is YOUR victory.  I applaud your work!