Posted by Todd Fischer on Sep 26, 2019
Paul Harris Fellow recognition awarded to 71 Rotarians in current quarter.
In the last 3 months the following individuals received Paul Harris recognition:
Donn Christy, William Fessel, Andrew Barry, Erin Erkins, Lisa Bearg, Jason Jones, Teresa Yrazabal Paige, Mary Loretta Apel, Brandon Snodgrass, Dylan Roy, Katie Gaston, Sakena Lesmeister, Scott Caufield, Scott Shelvy, Shanna Endow, Richard Halsey, Dave Wilson, Avery Kristine Bird, Emery Vatrlaus, Lincoln Eleanor Deaver, Lucy Scout Patten, David Shaw, Gary EauClaire, Keith Masonheimer, Julie Taylor, Erik Lund, Chris Jeppsen, Dawn Hickman, Donna Hiller, Bugs Bunny, Les Jensen, Patricia Richey, Robert Rainville, Tom Nodzu, Carey McNeal, Donald Ray Ryden, Joe Corlett, Karl Kurtz, Kiel VanInwegen, Don Suggs, Gregory Kershul, Terry Jones, Amy Helmick, Ben Mock, Donnie Wunder, Jerod Hines, Jodi Tool, John Larson Buck, Katie Crabtree, Nancy Kelly, Nicole Mock, Staci Carr, Vickie Larson, Ronald Bjorkman, Anne Rush, James Boley, Jim Foudy, John Fawcett, Michael Vineyard, Stephanie L Nelson, Tom Harris, Shaun Tobler, Jeffrey Larsen, Amy Stahl, Edward Binder, Russell McCoy, Arianna Price, Dave Packer, Alex Swainston, Dan Obenchain, E. L. Snodgrass, and Edward Skinner.  
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