Pocatello Rotary Club's World Service Committee
Once a month the Pocatello Rotary Club's World Service Committee meets to organize and work on service projects.  Our club currently has two major projects under way. 

The first is the Ghana Water Project, under the direction of Jedd Thomas.  The goal of this project is to drill water wells in Ghana sometime after the first of the year. The dry season in Ghana begins in January and that is the best time to drill for water. We are partnering with the Accra Legon East Rotary Club in Ghana to execute the project.  A total of 3 wells will benefit 2 schools and one underserved community near Accra.  A joint committee has met via zoom 14 times in the last 3 months. We are making great headway on the project.  We are also partnering with the Rotary Clubs of Idaho Falls and the Twin Falls After Hours clubs. If you are interested in being part of this effort, we invite you to come on board!
Our second project is a service trip to Suriname under the direction of Jay Colonel.  This expedition will take place this November.  A small group of club members will travel to Suriname to meet the Rotarians of Suriname.  We will review projects and carry out a needs assessment in anticipation of a future joint project, which will be funded by a Rotary Global Grant.  If you are interested in being part of that team you are invited to jump in now. 

The World Service Committee meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday at 5pm at the Garrett Business Park conference room, 2055 Garrett Way, Building 1, Suite 2.  This month's meeting will be held August 24, 2022 from 5 to 6 pm.  We want your help! You joined Rotary to be of service and here are two wonderful opportunities to do just that!  We encourage all club members who are interested to come and to get involved.  

Please contact me for more information, to offer help, or to make suggestions on these or other world service projects you would like to see our club accomplish.


Rich Kirkham
Chairman World Service Committee