Public Image: Does Your Club Have a Logo?
If not, why not?! A Rotary club logo includes the Masterbrand Signature plus the club name, and it’s super easy to make one on the newly updated Rotary Brand Center.
Where it reads What would you like to do today? select Create a club logo. Then follow the steps to the appropriate template. After you create the logo, you can download it as a PDF (for print), JPG (for digital), or PNG (digital with a transparent background).
Some tips:
  • When making your club logo, you may use the name on your charter or the name your club is best known by in your community.
  • Because “Rotary” is already part of the logo, you don’t need to repeat it. For example, the Rotary Club of Evanston would add only “Club of Evanston” below the Masterbrand Signature.
You may put the club name above and/or below the Masterbrand Signature as appropriate for the name.
  • Use the option for a simplified logo when you know it will be used at a small scale. (Examples include both styles—see the difference?)
A “logo lockup” may be used when a club or district promotes a specific program or event. There is a template to help make these, too.

Now that your club has its own logo, start using it instead of the Masterbrand Signature on your club’s website and social media sites, badges, banners and signs, flyers and brochures, and apparel or other branded items.
Next month, we’ll talk about creating an email signature for when you conduct Rotary business by email.
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