Public Image: People of Action Photo Templates
You're taking good action photos, now here's the next step!
Have you been taking good People of Action shots? (If not, refer back to our August bulletin for some tips.) Once you do, it’s very easy to turn them into People of Action marketing materials in a few easy steps:
  1. Click on People of Action Materials, and then Templates
    You’ll see 3 sizes/styles to choose from:
4. Select the template that best describes your intended use, and click Create.
5. Once you’re in the template, you can choose from 10 different action verbs.
6. Upload your own photo. You can crop and scale the image right in the tool.
7. Download the completed image as either a JPG or PNG.
8. Then feel proud as you make a Facebook post with your own branded People of Action photo. Well done, you!
If you have great images, send them to See below for examples of the 10 action words.





And this is exactly what our professional digital marketing campaign will be doing starting in January--taking your photos and turning them into ads.

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