The district cruise raffle fundraiser is up and running with tickets now distributed to all clubs.  Please do your part to help sell your club’s allotment! 
Winners are drawn at district conference on May 17th, but none of the proceeds supports the conference.  The money is used to fund the “district match” of $100 to The Rotary Foundation for those persons reaching the first $100 in giving toward a Paul Harris Fellow (total giving of $100, $1100, $2100, etc.).  We have matched more than 250 Rotarians so far this fiscal year, in three installments to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Twenty-five percent of the raffle proceeds helps to fund D5400 Rotary Youth Exchange and 25% is rebated to clubs based on their ticket sales (provided someone from the club attends district conference).
In the packet you received is a list of the prizes.  Raffle chairs in the clubs should copy this list for the  members, so they can share with the buyers what good prizes we offer.  Remember, there are two winners of the grand prize -- $4500 cruise from AAA -- he whose ticket is drawn ­and the Rotarian who sold him the ticket.  Now you can’t beat that!  Other prizes are  a 55” flat screen HDTV, 32 gb iPad Air, 16gb iPad Mini, 16gb Kindle Fire, 16gb iPod classic and 16gb iPod Nano
There will be a prize from the governor for the club with the highest per capita sales, and she’ll tell you what that prize is next month!  In the meantime, go crazy selling raffle tickets.