On the Wetland Peace Preserve, Rotarians and the city hit a rock in the road, but we keep on rolling.
Every journey has unexpected detours that become a test of perseverance and opportunities to build trust and character. We are at such a detour on the WPP, but we have plans to make it work.
Six hundred seedlings have been planted and nurtured for the last couple of years, eight acres weeded monthly, a master plan developed, seventeen peace poles designed, solar story stands planned, benches donated from generous Rotarians, and more. We stand ready to present to a neighborhood association and the Boise Parks and Recreations Commission.
Except for a discovery that a section of the land is part of a conservation easement created in 2009 as a “compensatory wetlands mitigation bank.” Essentially, this land was exchanged for wetlands around the Boise whitewater park and is not to be developed.
But none of the involved parties — the Rotary steering committee that represents 10 clubs, the city of Boise, our benefactor John Lodal or our design team at Trademark — is giving up. The city is working with the Idaho Foundation of Parks and Land and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to identify exactly where the boundaries are for the easement, which sits in the center of our existing plan. Once the boundaries are clear, we’ll better understand whether we have to adjust our master plan to skirt the wetland easement.
Most importantly, we’re moving forward. Show your stubborn commitment to making good things happen regardless of small detours. Sign up to water and weed on Tuesday, Sept. 13, 5:30-7 p.m., or Saturday, Sept. 24, 8-10 a.m. And mark your calendar for Saturday, Oct. 22, for a noon planting day.
Peace will find a way!