Posted by Ryan Redman on Oct 29, 2019
Rotary District 5400 Earth Stewardship Certification  
On December 17th, 1972, astronauts aboard the Apollo 17 captured an image of the Earth, the Blue Marble, that became one of the most widely disseminated images in human history.  Not only did this image clearly portray the majesty of Earth, it clearly demonstrated the profound interdependency of our planet, or the reality that we are all in this together.  As Rotarians this recognition is clearly embraced with the mission of providing service to others, promoting integrity, and advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.   
To make this connection of caring for the Earth and the rotary mission more explicit we have formed the Rotary District 5400 Earth Stewardship Certification.   This certification offers a blueprint for club engagement in earth stewardship across four areas (L.E.A.F):
  • Land and Water
  • Education
  • Air and Energy
  • Food
To illustrate the actions of the L.E.A.F. initiative we have created the following logo…
At the center is the Rotary cog which represents the convergence of the Rotary mission, vision and four way test.  Surrounding the center are four leaves representing the different ways club members can remain committed to the Earth Stewardship Certification.   
With a green leaf for land and water members can plant trees and shrubs supporting re-forestation and prevent soil erosion along our waterways.
With a red leaf for education clubs can inspire community outreach, organize presentations about earth friendly projects, and support programs that provide equal education opportunities for all. It has been shown that educating girls is the sixth most effective strategy for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases. 
The blue leaf is for clean air and energy. In a spirit of collaboration club members can adopt sustainable energy solutions that lessen our individual and collective impact of pollution and insure a healthy atmosphere for future generations. For example, clubs can utilize Tele-conferencing to host speakers, or organize bike to work days.
The gold leaf is for food as this has the largest impact on protecting the earth.  Becoming aware of what we eat, how we produce it, and reducing food waste is one of the most important ways to steward the earth.
Over the next hundred years Rotary International is poised to lead the way in caring for the earth.   We are excited to invite you to join this initiative and place the service of our earth above self!     
More about Ryan Redman
Ryan Redman,  ES Advisory Board Member. Born in Central Idaho, Ryan is a 2nd generation Rotarian & member of the Hailey Club. Ryan is also Co-founder & Executive Director of the Flourish Foundation, a social-profit dedicated to inspiring systemic change through cultivation of healthy habits of mind that promote personal well-being, benevolent social action, & eco stewardship. Ryan created and facilitated workshops & retreats for healthcare providers, educators, & business leaders domestically and abroad. Along with his love for teaching & philanthropy, Ryan is a devoted husband and father of two growing boys. He enjoys gardening, backpacking, hiking, Nordic skiing, soccer, and surfing., (208) 450-9309