The year that I served as club president the RI theme was “Be a gift to the world.”  At that time I thought to myself, “How can an insignificant club in an obscure town in Idaho ever be a gift to the world?” Then I thought about the exchange student that came to our club from Italy that year.  This boy had never heard of Idaho before he came here. I recall he got up in one of our club meetings just before he left to go home. With tears streaming down his face, he thanked us for giving him the gift of living for a year in our community!  When he returned home he told everyone in Italy all about his experiences here in his new second home.  He treasured his time in Idaho. Collectively we continue to be an influence for good in his life. That is when it occurred to me that through Rotary we can be A GIFT TO THE WORLD! 

The future of this young man was dramatically changed because of Rotary. He made connections here. He learned things here.  Our gift made his future so much brighter.  

I have always been fascinated by the idea of gazing into a crystal ball and seeing the future!  Rotary is that globe that allows us all to see that serving others does change the future of the world.  As our mission statement suggests; together we see a world where people unite, take action, and create lasting change.  

As we start the new 2020 year it is my hope that every member of every club will contribute at least one new idea how we as Rotarians can make our clubs, our communities, and our world a better place to live.  Do not hide your idea under bushel. Share it. Let it shine for others to see. You have so much to contribute. Connect with others who have your same passion. Then lets work together to make that future vision a reality! 

May the 2020 year be a year of perfect “20/20” vision for you, your club, your district and Rotary International as we strive, together, to “SEE” THE FUTURE!