Posted by Michela Swarthout on Aug 27, 2019
Spending time with Dieter Schneider.....
​ Hello!
A number of IFMR Australian Members had the pleasure (and memorable experience) of riding with, hosting, or just spending time with Dieter Schneider, a German member of the IFMR AGS Chapter. Once he received his VISA for the United States, he rode to our home and spent a couple of nights with us and we did a short ride and then an all day bicycle ride with Dieter.
Dieter left our home this morning to resume his travels around the world on his motorcycle to promote awareness for depression and prevention of suicide. He will be riding across Washington State and then south through Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah, at which point he will decide which direction he will travel to Mexico, Central and then South America.
I'm hoping that as via your connections with​in your local Rotary Club​ and/or clubs in the area​, you might be able to alert other ​Rotarians and ​motorcycling Rotarians of Dieter's adventures, and encourage them to make contact. Dieter is a Travel Editor/Reise journalist and and if you would like to learn about his adventures to date, I suggest you check out his social media and webpage as follows: https/ Instagram: fellows_ride webpage:
You can also contact him direct via email at: Linda Ryan Immediate Past President - Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians Secretary, 2019-2021, IFMR-NA