Posted by Rich Kirkham

I just returned from the 2019 International Assembly in San Diego.  Each year about 500 District Governor Elects (DGEs) meet together at AI to learn their duties.  Projects are planned, seminars are held, and speakers inspire. One thing I noticed that made me very proud is that there were SEVERAL attendees who, like myself, were sporting red high-top shoes proudly branded with the the logo, “Stop Out Polio”. 

There is only one place on earth you can buy these shoes: DISTRICT 5400! This initiative was the brain child of Michela Swarthout, our District 5400 Public Image Chair and everywhere I went people asked me “How can I get a pair of those shoes?” The answer was easy.  Visit and click on the Stop Out Polio link. The $75 shoe purchase price magically creates $165 in polio funds to STOP OUT POLIO. Buy your shoes now and be ready for the upcoming District Celebration where we hope EVERYONE will be sporting their RED SHOES!  (p.s. Did I mention that they are really comfortable too?)