Posted by Marianne Barker on Sep 19, 2019
Many of you have expressed interest in Visioning for your club!  
Many of you have expressed interest in Visioning for your club!  We have completed the process for three clubs and have another club scheduled for October.  It is a process that can assist your club as you move toward the future.
The process includes a survey of all your club members, a four hour Visioning workshop (you pick the team), followup to see if you are on track, and most of all an opportunity to engage your members in creating a vibrant club.
If you are interested scheduling a Visioning Plus session for your club, please fill out the form below and get back to me so we can start the process.
Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.
Yours in Rotary,
Marie Baker
District 5400
Visioning Coordinator
Club & District Responsibilities
District responsibility before seminar:
  • To work with the club to determine a mutually agreeable date. 
  • To assemble a Visioning team. 
  • To provide a Visioning team member  liaison to the club to ensure success.
District responsibility after seminar:
To help your club with the Visioning plan and membership.
Time needed: 
Approximately 4.5 hours.
Starting time: 
5:00 p.m. or at a time mutually agreed.
Ending time: 
9:30 p.m. approximately or as mutually agreed.
Provide a suitable meeting room
  • Room should accommodate a U-shape set-up of tables and chairs facing a screen. 
Provide items to be used in visioning
  • Projection screen or wall.
  • Power Point Projector .
  • Extension cord w/multiple plug ins.
  • Variety of “blunt” permanent” colored markers.
  • Pencils for each participant for filling in the exercise.
  • 8 ½ x 11 sheets of paper for table tents for each participant and note paper for each.
Provide significant turnout of members 
  • To ensure a significant turnout of members, including past and future presidents, board members and a representation of the club membership from the newest to the most tenured.
Provide food buffet/box supper for all attendees and facilitators.
  • We suggest a box supper or a light buffet sandwich line to expedite food service and minimize clean up
  • While members are eating, facilitators are presenting.
Provide mileage for facilitators
  • Current mileage rate.
  • The District will attempt to send a minimum of 2 facilitators riding in the same car for mileage purposes.
Provide housing for facilitators if overnight lodging is required.
  • We suggest housing in Rotary homes.
  • If this is not available, provide housing in a local motel.
Club responsibility after seminar: 
  • To ensure that the action plan created during the seminar is carried out.
  • To work with District to ensure that the Visioning makes a difference in the future of the club.
This agreement is jointly signed by club and district officials below.
Current Club President (2019-20)
Signature & Date_________________________________
Club President Elect (2020-21)
Signature & Date_________________________________
District Official - Facilitator
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