Posted by Jared Stein

I recently had a conversation over lunch this past week with a fellow Rotarian, QB Khalid. During our conversation I point blank asked him if he had his Rotary moment, not when he became a Rotarian, but if he had had a Rotary moment. He said, "Yes!" So I asked him if he wouldn't mind sharing it with me.

He and I helped with one our service opportunities, Sleeping in Heavenly Peace. They are a non-profit organization from Twin Falls that provide beds for children that do not have a bed. Interestingly, Mike Rowe, with "Returning the Favor" had done an episode on FaceBook helping Sleeping in Heavenly Peace get into a newer facility in Twin Falls and donated time and money to help their cause. (You should watch the episode on FaceBook, if you haven't already). Sleep in Heavenly Peace came to Pocatello and at the Bannock County Fairgrounds the Pocatello Rotary Club joined in and helped to make beds. We went to Lowe's in Pocatello and picked up all the wood, then we hauled it all up to the fairgrounds and began cutting, sanding, and making beds.

His Rotary moment came when he was able to go on one of the deliveries of one of the beds to a local child. He went with Gary, another Rotarian in a different club, and they went into the house and put together and delivered the bed. He said the joy and excitement from the child receiving the bed melted his heart and made him feel so good inside. He said at that moment he knew why he was in Rotary and why he belonged to the Pocatello Rotary Club.