Join the Rotary Youth Exchange students and committee as they gather in McCall January 23rd through 26th for the McCall Winter Carnival. 
There will be 16 inbound students, 17 newly accepted outbound students and some rebound students to help with training. The students will enjoy skiing at Brundage Resort on Friday followed by swimming at Zimms Hot Springs.  On Saturday the students will be featured in the Winter Carnival Parade followed by training for the outbound students.  This annual trip is a high point for the exchange students.  It is the first gathering of the youth exchange group since the acceptance of the outbound students who were interviewed in Buhl in November.  
(Just got this from Ruth Loza in Croatia!  "Oh my Lord Jim, it's amazing! I never believed it would be anything like this. Everyday is an adventure, whether it's big or small. I can't thank you guys enough for helping me get here.")
Join the fun! Come to McCall and support the McCall Rotary Club as they sell their famous chorizos and beads! This is their major fundraiser of the year. Typcially, they'll make about $30,000 which all goes back into community programs!