August 2018 District Bulletin

last week to register!

Everyone - young and more experienced - are welcome to join Emmett Rotarians for the 5th annual Pins 4 Polio event Saturday, Oct 27 at 12:30 pm. Register a team @ $25 per person and help us “strike out” Polio. All proceeds from this fun afternoon are designated to send Polio to the “gutter”, never to be seen again. You only bowl 3 games so it’s a great way to spend a fall afternoon with friends and family. Interact and Rotoract teams are welcome too!!
Lane Sponsorships are also available; for only $50 your company’s name will be posted on a Lane at the bowling alley. Donations of silent auction items are also needed. Our goal this year is to raise $4,000! Will we make it?  We will with your help! 
Contact Daniel Brice or Kathy Buck today. The lanes will fill quickly!

Kathy Buck, Emmett Rotary

need a Service Project?

Is your club looking for an interesting community service project? Need some help? Want to spend time with some fascinating teenagers? If so, team with with the students you sponsored to RYLA!

Issues2Action is a RYLA program where the students work together to identify a community issue, then create an action plan to address the need. These talented students want to make a difference and, with your help, can create lasting change in the community. When you invite the RYLArians to share their experience with your club, be sure to ask them about their Issues2Action project. Encourage them to join or start an Interact club. Then mentor these youth in the art of how to make a positive impact in their community.

The RYLA Leadership Camp has these students motivated and ready to make a difference. They need your help to take the next step.

Email Todd for more info.

Todd Fischer, District RYLA Chair

As I approach my governor year I have been pondering what I could do might make a difference while serving in this position. I will have an unusual opportunity to leverage this platform to do some good and try to influence others in some positive way.  

A year ago when I was in Atlanta at the international convention, I listened to panelists talk about a topic that at the time I was naive about - human trafficking. I really wasn’t sure what they were talking about because the code words used were unfamiliar to me. I have since learned that human trafficking is any form of commerce that deals in forced human labor. Simply put, Human Trafficking is slavery.

The familiar historical images of labor slavery are one form of human trafficking familiar to all of us, but the sex trade is the really big issue we’re confronting today. This is something that goes on not only internationally but also right in our local communities. Women, girls and young boys are the main targets of this hideous practice. Human Trafficking is not voluntary adult prostitution, though the two are related in many ways. It has more to do with children and women manipulated and coerced into this filthy trade involuntary. They are the targets whose lives are ruined by this disgusting practice. 

I want to make Human Trafficking Awareness one of our district’s goals and work on this problem together. I want to start a discussion so that people aren’t as clueless as I have been about this atrocity going on around us. I want every Rotarian in our District to be able to articulate what this problem is and what we are doing to fight against it. If you are passionate or knowledgeable about this topic or if your club is doing something about this now, would you please contact me and share with me what you know? Let’s make a difference! Rich Kirkham 208-251-6570.

Rich Kirkham, DGE '19-'20

Mayor avoids clobbering governor in mccall

On a crisp morning, Rotary’s McCall Ball got off to a rousing start at Gold Glove Park. McCall’s Mayor, Jackie Aymon, threw the first ceremonial pitch to D5400 Governor Jennifer Deroin as players, umpires, and spectators looked on. The mayor was honored to throw out the first pitch. “McCall Ball is a new summertime favorite, so I was relieved I did not hit Idaho’s Rotarian Governor with that first pitch!”

McCall Ball is a three-person, co-ed competition with the goal of hitting a ball into a lined field and scoring a run if the opposition doesn’t catch it. 24 teams suited up this year, vying for bragging rights and over $2,000 in prizes. McCall Parks and Recreation partnered with McCall Rotary to raise funds for youth scholarships, local charities and nonprofits. There were many close contests, but in the end, May Security’s ‘Legends Crossfit’ team downed ‘The B-Team’ 4-2 in the championship game.

Deroin, who calls Meridian home, enjoyed her first McCall Ball tournament, making it to the semi-finals as a substitute with team ‘Peak Fitness’. “I appreciate the Rotarians of McCall for bringing community together, while raising funds for various needs. Fun and service – what a great combination!”

This year’s ‘Best Uniforms’ winner went to The Spitting Llamas from Idaho First Bank. To end the day, Rotarian Colby Rampton and his band entertained the crowd with originals from his newest album.

Craig Vroom, Director of this year’s McCall Ball tournament, wishes to thank all the players, volunteers, and 31 sponsors that helped make it a success this year. Vroom is considering a youth division. “We think McCall Ball, played with a plastic bat and a ‘mush’ ball, is a wonderful game for competitors of all ages, but it is the perfect summer game for younger players. I hope to introduce it to students in the local area schools to generate interest in this fun, family-friendly game. We’d also like to award prizes for the best District 5400 Rotary team next year. A little friendly competition to help Rotary help others.”

Craig Vroom, Rotary Club of McCall (Payette Lakes), photo by Travis Leonard

" RYLA is supportive, amazing, exciting, exhilarating, thrilling, eye-opening, enlightening, life-changing, educational, growth, awesome, unique, encouraging, safe, trusting, wonderful, meaningful, powerful, happy, empowering...
'18 RYLArian

ryla seeking committee members

The district RYLA planning committee is looking for volunteers to help organize and run the annual 6 day RYLA leadership camp. We are specifically in need of volunteers from around the district and from smaller clubs, as we would like the committee to reflect the make up of the district.

Skills needed include updating shared spreadsheets and documents, email communication with students and clubs, and prior leadership training experience. RYLA camp is For Youth, By Youth, meaning that Rotarians play a supportive role at the camp.

The committee meets in person once or twice a year, with most work done via conference calls or individually.  If you are interested, please contact Todd Fischer at 208-409-7007.

Todd Fischer, District RYLA Chair

are you an active listener?

Active listening with club members can diffuse tense situations, ease conflict, and create feelings of connection and belonging. It is also key to creating compromise and finding solutions. There are basic steps we can practice to build up our active listening muscle.
 1. Listen to understand We usually listen to respond, not to understand. This means that even as the other person is mid-sentence, we are preparing our response, especially if they are saying something with which we disagree.
2. Use non-verbal cues  Use appropriate eye contact. If you're sitting at a table together, maintain an open body posture by uncrossing your arms and leaning slightly towards the other speaker. Nod as the other person speaks and interject short phrases like "I see" and "OK" to let the other person know that you're following the conversation.
3. Summarize As the other person finishes speaking, check that you've understood by repeating what you heard. Be sure to use your own words to summarize, and then give the other person a chance to correct you. The phrase "Let me see if I understand what you're saying" followed by your summary and "Is that correct?" reassures the other person that you have listened while also affording them the opportunity to correct any misunderstandingsIt's also ok to say "I'm not sure I understand.
4. Validate Validation doesn't mean that you agree with the other person but rather that you understand where they are coming from. Stating "I understand this was difficult for you to bring up" or "You sound discouraged right now, and I'm sorry about that" reassures the other person. You may also want to ask for solutions at this point, but don't offer any of your own yet. 
5. Share your own thoughts At this point, you may voice your own thoughts and your own solutions. You may also ask for more time to reflect or if you can discuss it with someone else. Closing the conversation with a sincere thank you or "I'm glad that you spoke with me" encourages the other person to speak openly with you in the future and helps them to walk away feeling valued.
Amber Campbell, District Trainer

On Saturday Sept 22, five D5400 clubs will join forces for a major fundraising event in Boise - Lobsterfest. Featuring a lobster (or steak or pasta) meal with silent and live auctions, the 10th annual Lobsterfest will begin at 6:00PM in the Jordan Ballroom of Boise State University. This has been a fun party for the last 10 years and we expect nothing less in 2018!
Individual tickets are $85 here. If you cannot join us for this tasty and fun event, there's also an option to donate to the support these 5 clubs will deliver to Treasure Valley non-profit organizations in 2019.
A fresh lobster meal with all of the trimmings, an opportunity to bid on some fabulous items while supporting the charitable work of five Rotary clubs, and meeting new dinner companions who also prioritize community service makes for an attractive value proposition for this event. It’s a fabulous party and we hope you can join us!

back to school:

Emmett Rotarians distributed school supplies to over 200 Gem County students that were purchased by local WICAP with funds from the annual Rotary Youth Benefit Dinner and Auction, and donations from others.

Rotarians also provided cotton candy after each child received their supplies. The club works closely with WICAP on this project and their Bicycle Project, which provides free bicycles and helmets for children in Gem County. It is a partnership entering it’s 3rd year and one that is yet another way to serve the community's youth.
Kathy Buck, Rotary Club of Emmett

part II

Boise Metro Rotary delivered these 33 backpacks, filled with each item from this year's Boise Schools supply list, off at Garfield Elementary for the kids of Everyday Leadership. It was a great feat of collaboration and dedication among their members, considering there are only 42 of in total.

This quarterly drive complements the club's district grant, which will help fund Everyday Leadership's educational programs this year.
Michela Swarthout, Boise Metro Rotary

polio Eradication update

One new Wild Polio case reported this week. What is that Polio Eradication Picture? It's a picture of a child being vaccinated in Papus New Guinea - as the immunization campaigns designed to stop the Vaccine Induced Polio outbreak there continues.
The three year Countdown to History starts after the final Wild Polio case.  Today, we start over on our count since the report of the most recent Wild Polio case. Rotary is committed to raise $50 Million (including Rotarian, public, and DDF donations) to be matched by $100 mil from the Gates Foundation - for each of the next two years - for a total of $450 million for the Global Polio Eradication effort.
Papua New Guinea, Kenya, SYRIA, SOMALIA, Nigeria & DRC - Vaccine Derived Polio cases reported in 2018: Papua New Guinea - Four cases (one new case this week) - with a large scale immunization campaigns continuing this week, Nigeria - four cases (one new case this week), Somalia - 5 cases, DRC - 11 cases.
Quote of the Day -  "Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement." — Henry Ford (1863-1947) 

The Final Three Endemic Countries:

Pakistan:  No new Polio cases reported this week. Three Polio cases reported in 2018 - the most recent case was from Dukki, Balochistan Province with an onset of paralysis on 5/18. Eight cases reported in 2017. Four new Polio-Positive Environmental Samples were reported this week in Pakistan.

Afghanistan: One new Polio case reported this week. 11 Polio cases reported in 2018 - the most recent from the Arghandal District, Kandahar province with the onset of paralysis on 07/17. 14 cases reported in 2017. One new Polio-Positive Environmental Sample was reported this week in Afghanistan.

Nigeria: No new Wild Polio cases have been reported in 2017 or 2018. The most recent Polio case was reported on 8/20/16. This week, Nigeria will celebrate 2 years without a Wild Polio case!

Terry Ziegler, Rotary District 5890 Polio Eradication Chair & Zone 21B/27 PHS Coordinator

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