United States of America

Join us at the virtual lounge for Rotary After Hours on the last Friday of the month!

Bring on those April showers with Rotary After Hours!

Hosted by e5400, hop online whenever you'd like between 7pm and 9pm MST and catch up with your favorite Rotarians (and guests) from District 5400. See below for tips on how to access/use our virtual lounge!

1. Click here to enter the space

2. Sign in using an email (you don't have to sign up for Kumospace, just sign in with an email so we can ensure all guests are legitimate people)

3. Enter the Rotary After Hours floor. There are several areas with isolated audio (indicated in the image below) so you can chat in small groups or with the larger crowd

4. Move to different areas by double-clicking where you'd like to go, using the W (up), A (left), S (down) and D (right) keyboard keys and/or your arrow keys

5. Turn your video on or off by clicking the Camera button at the bottom of your screen

6. Mute yourself by selecting the Microphone button on the bottom of your screen

7. Zoom in or out using the +- buttons in the upper-right of your browser screen

8. Play games with yourself and others by clicking the various board games throughout the room!

9.  Click Gallery View or Pop-out buttons at the bottom of the screen to make videos or screen-sharing larger and easier to see