Each ticket is $10. The grand prize is AAA Travel to Anywhere - a $4500 value! Additional prizes include $1000, $500 and $100 Best Buy gift cards, plus several other smaller prizes. The drawing is May 19, 2018. You don't need to be present to win.  If you sell the winning ticket for the Travel to Anywhere, you also get the prize. If you sell the winning ticket to yourself you will double your prize, for a total of $9,000! For more information, contact Karl via email karlklokke@gmail.com or 208 412-9411. 
For Clubs:
  1. A booklet of 10 tickets have been provided for each member of your club, plus several additional booklets for use if required.
  2. Please bring the funds from ticket sales, ticket stubs, and a copy of the completed spreadsheet to the registration desk at District Conference in Sun Valley. If this is not possible you may mail the funds, ticket stubs, and spreadsheet to arrive no later than May 10, 2017 to Karl Klokke, 5677 West Beachfront Lane, Boise ID 83703. Realize that items mailed after this date may not be delivered in time for inclusion in the Raffle. If mailing please notify Karl via email karlklokke@gmail.com or 208 412-9411
  3. Please bring or mail only one check from your club to the District Conference. All cash or checks received in your club should be deposited into your clubs account and your club should issue a check made out to District 5400 for the amount of achieved sales.
  4. Do not separate the ticket stubs leave stapled together we will separate when they are counted.
  5. Please ensure each sold ticket stub has the contact information of the buyer and selling Rotarian. The Rotarian who sells the winning Grand Prize ticket will receive a duplicate Grand Prize.
  6. The drawing will be held on May 19, 2018 at the District Conference in Sun Valley.  
  7. Remember the deadline is the District Conference in Sun Valley May 19th and tickets not in the drawing have no chance of winning.
  8. If you need additional ticket booklets please contact Karl Klokke via email karlklokke@gmail.com or 208 412 9411
  9. Unsold tickets should be destroyed, and not mailed back or brought to the conference.
  10. Clubs that support this raffle will be supporting District Youth Projects, receive a rebate for the net amount of tickets sold after expenses, and for matching Paul Harris contributions to the Rotary Foundation.