Bring awareness to and help further polio eradication in style! We've got a limited quantity of pairs and sizes for $75 each. Provide your Rotary ID at checkout and the purchase amount will also be applied to your '18-'19 PolioPlus donations, which will also be represented in your club's per capita giving. No profit is being made from this endeavor; it started as a fundraising idea that has grown beyond our district to the rest of the United States!
The Stomp Out Polio shoes have a Rotary cog on the heel and we've added an insole for comfort, which says "Be the good you want to see in the world." to remind us daily that we've got to be People of Action to achieve our vision. 
Here's a breakdown of where your $75 will go:
Pair of high-tops ($18) + Shipping and supplies ($8) = Total shoe overhead ($26)
So, Purchase price ($75) - Overhead ($26)  = $49 to PolioPlus
Which means...
PolioPlus donation ($49)  +  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2:1 match ($98) = Total amount of funding to PolioPlus per pair of shoes: $147.00
Please note that this production run will be the only one. While it has been amazing raising money for a great cause and getting an equally great response, being a shoe distributor isn't on my bucket list!