v2.0 is in Production!
Due to high demand, this Rotarian could not keep up with orders and decided to have new and improved Stomp Out Polio kicks professionally custom-made. Order yours now for November delivery - just in time for Christmas! There will be a limited quantity of pairs and sizes for $75 each. If you provide your Rotary ID at checkout, the purchase amount will also be applied to your '18-'19 PolioPlus donations as well!
Here's a breakdown of where your $75 will go:
Pair of high-tops ($17) + Shipping and supplies ($5) = Total shoe overhead ($22)
So, Purchase price ($75) - Overhead ($22)  = $53 to PolioPlus
Which means...
PolioPlus donation ($53)  +  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2:1 match ($106) = Total amount of funding to PolioPlus per pair of shoes - $159
Please note that this production run will be the only one. While it has been amazing raising money for a great cause and getting an equally great response, being a shoe distributor isn't on my bucket list)

v1.0 - almost gone!

Bring awareness to polio eradication by wandering the streets in these limited-edition classic kicks. A pair is $50 and all proceeds will be donated to Rotary’s PolioPlus fund. If you are outside the United States, please contact us to make arrangements for shipping. Please also note that each pair is lovingly created by the hands of a Public Image Chair who doesn't have industrial machinery, so no two will be exactly alike or perfect.
This fundraiser is a Rotarian-driven endeavor. We’re this close.
Here's a breakdown of where your $50 will go:
1. Pair of high-tops: $16.99*
2. Two End Polio Now patches: $4.08
3. Manual labor to make shoes: $0
4. Shipping: $6.00
Total shoe overhead: $27.07
Purchase price: $56.00
Which means...
PolioPlus donation: $28.93
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2:1 match: $57.86
Total amount of funding to PolioPlus per pair of shoes: $86.79
*Shoe overhead depends upon our ability to find great deals. This sale was found for the v1.0 high-tops currently being sold. This page will be updated if this pricing changes. 

Rotary is 1.2M members strong, but its reach is only effective when Rotarians take action. Stomp Out Polio not only generates funds for PolioPlus, it also allows Rotarians to bring awareness to the fight against Polio.

Many non-Rotarians aren't aware of the fact that Polio still exists. By wearing these vibrant shoes out and about, we can start conversations, create allies and grow the effort towards Polio eradication.