2018 RI Convention, ESRAG Hospitality Room Presentation

District 5400 and its members only make up .083% of Rotarians and .189% of districts. However, the pictures and interviews with D5400 members & friends took up 52 seconds (12%) of a video shown at the Toronto Convention attended by 25,188 of Rotary's and world leaders. We should have only had .35 seconds to show our efforts BUT our work received 149 times that amount.  

The Conclusion to Rotary International President Barry Rassin's Theme Address


The conclusion to Rotary International President Barry Rassin's 2018/19 Theme Address with photos from Rotary International's projects mostly from March 2018 to July 2018 and Rotary District 5400's spring planting projects.


2018 District Conference Tree Presentation


2018 Rotary 5400 Tree Projects Sites and Interviews

How to Record Great Tree Planting Interviews

2017-18 Rotary 5400 Tree Project Initiative 

Ten Steps to Planning Rotary Days: People of Action