District 5400's Speaker Index

Weekly presenters play a critical role in attracting and retaining current members. With thoughtful planning, we can choose presenters who reflect our club’s culture identity and confirm the good we are doing.  Encouraging more speakers who reflect the diversity in our communities and global world will challenge us to find new ways to serve. With this in mind, use this page to navigate available speakers using the navigation bar on the left.

Helpful tips for your weekly programs:
  • Introduce each speaker and presentation in the context of Rotary’s Mission or Vision.
  • Source from both the profit and nonprofit sectors while applying the Four Way Test and setting the overtly self-serving and/or political subjects aside.
  • Promote new service projects. Invite people administering programs which work with the underserved.
  • Confirm current service projects by having presentations supporting and expanding them.
  • Support unique member interests and the club’s culture. This is important because it boosts club attendance.
  • Variety and diversity are important, too. In your community, whose work reflects Rotary’s mission and vision but has not presented to your club.
  • Each month strive to include presentations which every member will find engaging, interesting and challenging.
Please contact Laurie Zuckerman if you would like to add presenters or see speaker ratings.