District 5400 Rotary Auxiliary
Dear Friends of Rotary International,
We would like to introduce ourselves to you.  We are an organization of spouses of Rotarians,  active Rotarians, and friends of Rotarians organized in Boise in 1947.  We meet 7 times a year October through May (except January) at Hillcrest Country Club where we enjoy fellowship, lunch, and a program. Our meetings begin at 12 noon, the first Tuesday of each month and last approximately 1½ hours.  Our gatherings are friendly, providing a social means of promoting friendship among Rotary families and listening to speakers who help us stay in touch with our community.  In fact, we are purely social—no fundraising or required work on projects.
 Join us!
Contact information for the Board is listed below.  Please call to make a reservation if you’d like to attend.  The luncheon cost is $20 except for the May Fashion Show, which is $25.  If you’d like to join the organization, dues are $20 for a one-year membership.  And we love guests. It would be our pleasure to welcome you to any of our luncheon programs this year:
October 5, 2021                      Janice Fulkerson—District 5400 Governor-Elect                               November 2, 2021                  Bob Long 2019 Winner of the Mongol Derby                     December 7, 2021                   Dr. Del Parkinson—BSU Professor of Piano                           February 1, 2022                     Dr. Carol MacGregor—Barber Valley History                         March 1, 2022                         Henry Whiting II—Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy   April 5, 2022                           John Sterling—Vietnam Veterans of America                            May 3, 2022                                  Fashion Show (Fashions by Chico’s)
Feel free to contact any of the Board Members listed below for more information about our place in the Rotary Family.  We’d love to become acquainted and have you join this group of friends.
Susan Multanen, President                             Sharon Hubler, Vice President                                      208.860.9156                                                  208.859.9520
Carolyn Collins, Secretary                             Judy Peavey-Derr, Treasurer                 208.630.3347                                                  208.514.6542                                                    
Gloria VanInwegen, Asst. Treas.                   Kathy Seetin, Reservations & Past President   208.866.4649                                                        208.859.4394             
Ann Ryden, Greeter                                       Sandy Spasoff, Menus                           208.867.5495                                                  208.639.0438